Ascendary will be a new browser-based space-game using the newest technologies of HTML5, like WebGL, canvas, websocket… etc.

* The basis is similar to ogame(But don’t try to compare: this is NOT ogame): create buildings on planets, colonize other planets etc…
* But in Asendary you can have as many planets as you want and others can take them away from you!
* You can also create an unlimited number of spaceships. But beware: each ship is constructed and controlled individually.
* The travel system is also different: You must find you way through a maze of wormholes to find new solar systems and colonize or invade the planets there

* The interface will also make use of the current technology:
A javascript client, which means: load 1 time, play for 24 hours! (you must login again, for security reasons)

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It is planned to have the following features:

  • Colonize as many planets as you want.
    • Build as many buildings as you want until planets slots are full
    • Different tiers of buildings
    • Solar system buildings
    • Special buildings that hides all buildings on a plant from the enemy
    • Late game:  build anywhere in the galaxy
    • Buildings are dependent on certain resources, that aren’t available on all planets
      • Needs transportation by spaceships, later other means of transportation: maybe teleporter.
      • trade resources with others
      • Solar systems connected by Wormholes for travel
        • Late game:
          • Build travel gates
        • Even later:
          • Ships can travel longer distances on their own
  • 3D map of galaxy
    • Overview of you/enemy/ally fleet distribution
    • Overview of resources
    • Overview of Travel routes
  • Create individual ships
    • Can level up
    • Highly configurable
    • Upgradable
    • Can hide -> good for spying, of course there will be countermeasures
    • can take planets from other players with invasion
  • Higher importance on alliances:
    • Big 3D maps are difficult to handle
    • Collaboration tools
    • Research together or share research
    • Share fleet control with someone you trust when you can’t be online




The player starts with a planet that will have max building slots and some specific resources. Initially the player should focus on getting as much research as possible to research space travel and  be able to build spaceships.

With 1 spaceship the player will be able to colonize many planets and increase his research.
To fly to other solar systems you need to have a “Star Lane Drive” installed in your spaceship.
This allows to fly through wormholes.

There are currently many shipitems which are not implemented.
Those are most of the type “special”.
The only “special items are”: Colonizer, Invasion Module, StarLane Drive, StarLane Hyperdrive
Scanners and Generators are also not implemented.

I’m also not sure yet if i will remove them or implement them.

Later on , special resources are needed to build better buildings. Those resources are not available on all planets, but can be transported with ships.


(This is a project/proof of concept and uses images i found over google. The buildings and shipitems are from an old game called ascendancy)

This shows how the game could be. The final product can be totally different.

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